International Solid State Circuits Conference 2016 and Norton coupons

The IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) is proposed to take place between 31st of January to the 4th of February in the year 2016 in San Francisco, CA. The theme of the conference is “Silicon Systems for the Internet of Everything” (IoE). A Norton coupon is available from next month to all attendees. As a result of technology, the world has changed in the sense that people and devices are becoming connected expeditiously.

It is this era of the Internet of Everything (IoE) that human beings and all the surrounding things are able to communicate meticulously and work together through processes deemed to be intelligent. Most importantly, the IoE is bringing about the diverse opportunities through which human beings can improve their standards of living. People are therefore able to create exponential growth, thus generating wealth. 

IoE’s future growth may be slowed down by security and power-efficiency if the two are not addressed. ISSCC will, therefore, be trying to advance IoE to a higher level by seeking innovations in circuits and systems so that the human life can become better. Essentially, solid-state electronics are those electronics that have solid-state circuits and systems at their core and includes:

• Intelligent networks

• Smart sensors

• Data centers

• Personal computing among others

Solid-state electronics as the name suggests, include those devices and circuits that are built from solid materials. The electrons of these devices are confined within the solid material that they are built from. The most common building material in these electronics is the crystalline semiconductor.

Some of these devices include:

• Microprocessor chips


• Transistors

Flash memory is the specialized type of RAM that is used in flash drives. Solid-state drives have also been devised to replace the hard disc drives whose mechanism are that of a rotating magnet. Note that the electric current in solid-state components is enclosed by the solid elements and the compounds that are contrived to either boost or switch it. 

ESSDERC-ESSCIRC Conference Series

The aim of the ESSDERC conference is to provide an annual European forum for the presentation and discussion of recent advances in solid-state devices and technologies. ESSDERC and its sister conference ESSCIRC, which deals with solid-state circuits, are jointly organised.

The increasing level of integration for system-on-chip design made available by advances in silicon technology requires a deeper interaction amongst technologists, device physicists and circuit designers. While keeping separate Technical Programme Committees, ESSDERC and ESSCIRC will share plenary keynote presentations and tutorials bridging both communities. Delegates registered for either conference are encouraged to attend any of the scheduled parallel sessions.

15-19 September 2016 - Edinburgh- Scotland

The conferences will be held at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre, Scotland from 15-19 September 2008.

Solid State Devices And Their Role In Antivirus Protection

Solid state devices have no moving parts, and are considerably different from old gas-based systems. In modern computing, SSD’s have come to the fore because of their strong abilities when it comes to increasing the speed of operations in a computer system. In a solid state scenario, the electric current moving through a device stays confined to the solid elements of that device. The engineering behind this setup is meant to amplify the functions of a particular unit, whether it is a RAM unit, a transistor or a semi-conductor.

The concept of SSD’s is closely linked to security within computer systems. As technologies diversify, computers become more vulnerable to attacks .We have always known that solid state devices are great at fighting viruses and intrusions, and this helps us design better anti-virus programs for use in many scenarios. The working of an anti-virus depends largely on the platform they are working on. If the attached hardware is easily compromised, then the potency of that program is reduced. At the same time, the speed at which the antivirus will detect problems and disinfect parts of a system depends on the ability of the underlying mechanisms. There is no doubt that SSD’s work way better with anti-viruses than those old systems which were built on vacuums or gas-discharge technologies.

Parallels Desktop Supports ESSCIRC With Promo Codes

Solid state devices have solved many security concerns, as evidenced by the leaps they have helped us make in the field of data security and system integrity. Today, we are seeing the advance of technologies that allow for anti-virus protections to be set up to work in a particular way. Such programs facilitate the scanning and disinfection of many areas of a single system over the same time span. They also have the ability to combine SSD potentialities and solve problems facing several devices over an integrated network. A parallels coupon is also now available in the program.

Zenni Optics To Sponsor ESSCIRC Conference With Discount Coupons

Zenni Optics new production method consists of solid state circuits. Zenni has started using solid state technology in its production process. SSD and optics are now interconnected due to the capacity given by the new circuits. Technical Programme Committees, ESSDERC and ESSCIRC have recently added a Zenni coupon into their presentations and tutorial.


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